Massage chair - does it deliver or disappoint?

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Imagine achieving that restful, refreshed, and calm state without taking your clothes off. Where can you find that place or thing?

Close to 24 years ago, in 1986, David Palmer invented the world's first massage chair. The then new invention promised to revolutionize massage therapy - promising one to achieve that restful, refreshed, and calm state in the comfort of one's home, in public places such as the office without taking one's clothes off.

Since 1986, massage chairs have evolved to much safer, much comfortable, easier to assemble, easier to disassemble, and easier to carry therapy chairs.

The effectiveness of massage therapy in general has been proven time and again to reduce or alleviate stress and anxiety. A number of scientific studies have proven that massage therapy positively alleviates the psychological and physiological aspects of stress.

In today's fast-paced society, it is easy to be beaten physically and emotionally by stress. Massage therapy came into being as a result of man's quest to fight off life's stress.

A study conducted at the University of Miami Medical School, Florida, USA, among children suffering from stress-related disorders revealed that children receiving 30 minutes of massage are less anxious and less depressed. Another study conducted by researchers from the Touch Research Institute, University of Miami School of Medicine, James Madison University, University of Maryland, and Duke University Medical School found out that massage therapy not only reduces anxiety but also enhances alertness and math computations.

But are these positive findings on massage therapy in general also apply to massage chair? Researchers have found that the effectiveness of massage therapy in general also applies to massage chair.

Researcher from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Carolinas Medical Center found that it is feasible to incorporate chair massage into a nurse's hospital shift. They also found out that a 10-minute chair massage reduces the stress perception of a nurse better than a standard "coffee break". Another study conducted by researchers from the University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland showed that back massage applied by a massage chair can be a low-cost and efficient relaxation approach. The researchers added that massage chair is best specifically for people who do not want to be touched.

Massage chair has been called as the "fast food of health care". In the long run, massage chair is still the cheapest stress buster as compared to other touch-based massage.

Around the world, there has been an increasing demand of massage chairs. There is a growing demand of massage chairs in the workplace and even in the medical field. In the workplace, incorporating massage chairs have proven to encourage employees to work for a longer period. It has also proven to improve the employees' morale. In the medical field, massage chairs have proven to aid patients, specifically those who are wary of strangers touching them. Even dentists have utilized massage chairs in their clinics. A massage chair can ease out the patient's tension.

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