Terms & conditions

  1. Definitions

The following words shall have the following meanings

‘Agreed Hours’ – Massage therapist/s will be available for the hours as agreed between the Client and MASSAGE.CO.UK t/a UK Compare Ltd. 116 Kings Road, London SW3 4TX. Registered in England & Wales. Company Registration Number: 10143702 ‘Client’ – The client who has requested a massage on site MASSAGE.CO.UK

‘Individual’ – The individual guest/employee of the Client attending the massage session who has requested a Treatment

‘Treatment’ – The Treatment requested by the Client and confirmed by MASSAGE.CO.UK and performed as described on our website

‘Massage Therapist’ – The individual self employed therapist who attends the Premises for the purpose of performing the Treatment

‘Premises’ – The location address as confirmed to MASSAGE.CO.UK by the Client

‘The Services’ – The services set out in Clause 2 of this agreement


  1. The Services

i. MASSAGE.CO.UK acts as an introducing agent between the client and independent therapist. Massage.co.uk has no obligation to carry out background checks and is not responsible for the quality of the massage, time keeping or indeed suitability of the independent therapists.

ii. MASSAGE.CO.UK shall instruct the Therapist to provide Treatments as requested by the Client and attend to the requirements of each Individual who requires a Treatment exercising proper professional skill and diligence in the rendering of the Treatment

iii. The Massage Therapist reserves the right not to provide a Treatment for any Individual they deem unfit to receive such Treatment.


  1. The Client’s Obligations

i. The Client must provide a suitable contact person for MASSAGE.CO.UK to liaise with

ii. All Individuals receiving a Treatment must sign a medical consent form prior to their first treatment and to inform the Massage Therapist prior to any subsequent treatment of any changes to the information given on the medical consent form.

iii. The Client is responsible for delivering the Treatment schedule to the Massage Therapist before the start of the Agreed hours if applicable. MASSAGE.CO.UK will supply template schedules on request.

iv. The Client will explain to each Individual the nature and extent of the Treatment.


  1. Payment by the Client for half day and full day bookings through this website

i. The fee for the Services is £65 for 60 minutes, £75 for 90 minutes and £95 for 2 hours single therapist. The fee for the Services is £130 for 60 minutes, £150 for 90 minutes and £190 for 2 hours two therapist.

ii. There is no VAT applicable to these costs

iii. Payments are made online at the time of booking with a credit card. The Client will be directed via the website booking form to the payment facility and bookings are not confirmed until payment is made.


  1. Cancellations, changes and refunds

i. Once a booking has been placed, cancellations need to be by email to support@massage.co.uk,will incur the following charges:

a. Cancellations made with 24 hours notice or more – no charge.

b. Cancellations made with less 24 hours notice – 30% charge

c. Cancellations made with less than 2 hours notice 100% charge

d. MASSAGE.CO.UK reserves the right to cancel the provision of the Services without notice in case of the illness of a Massage Therapist or other circumstances beyond its control. MASSAGE.CO.UK shall make reasonable attempts not to cancel the Services but the Client acknowledges that it may not be possible for an alternative Massage Therapist to attend the Premises. In this circumstance the client will be offered an alternative day or a full refund will be issue.


  1. Termination

This Agreement will terminate automatically if either party shall be in breach of any of its obligations under this Agreement or if either party shall have a receiver, administrative receiver, or administrator appointed, or shall enter compulsory or voluntary liquidation.


  1. Liability & Insurance

The Client acknowledges that the Massage Therapist is an independent contractor and not an employee of MASSAGE.CO.UK and that any liability as to the provision of a Treatment is between an Individual and the Massage Therapist.


  1. Law

This Agreement shall be subject to English Law and the sole jurisdiction of the English Courts.